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Hello ~ this is a brief description of the BioLogging project which is just about to start: –

This collaborative project, which builds upon an already established working relationship (CSIRO Bio- logging conference Hobart 2011) seeks to link scientific bio-logging and GIS techniques with the Artist’s interests in interactive acoustic cartography and the development of Audio-Portraits which extend the conceptual and intuitive grasp of otherwise abstract data.

We anticipate that the residency be structured around a series of four one month intensive work periods allowing the collaboration to involve a range of research activities and associated technologies. The artist will be incorporated into the working life of the lab, actively participating in field trips to make (for example) hydrophone and ambient recordings as well as water quality measurements and visual documents. We envisage that each of the four sessions will comprise a ten day field trip where the Artist will work directly with a Scientific survey team, followed by a twenty day period in the Hobart lab working with the collected data and developing this into interactive works.

Furthermore we intend to develop strong relationships with the researchers, technologies and a mass of available data within the IMOS (The Australian Integrated Marine Observing System) research network (see ). Access to this Australia wide network will expand the range and scope of collaborative relationships to include familiarity with various marine tagging and tracking technologies as well as advanced GIS mapping systems.

Whilst the nature of the collaboration is best left to develop in an organic fashion we do anticipate some tangible outcomes and are currently exploring exhibition and publication possibilities both within the University of Tasmania and externally. Currently the Moonah Art Centre has offered its facilities as an exhibition venue.

Screen grab from the Bio_Logging sonic cartography.

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